About Us

GOTOBOX is a Filipino Fast Food Restaurant established in February 2020 at Gil Fernando Ave., Marikina City under Boxyard Group of Companies. Currently operating with 11 branches and a kiosk, it started as a simple, small-scaled neighborhood restaurant, and now one of the fastest growing goto hubs in the Philippines.

Gotobox’s tagline #PangArawArawAngSarap is the embodiment of its wide selection of mouthwatering Pinoy favorites. With its broth boiled for over 12 hours, Gotobox boasts its original Goto recipe together with other delectable specialties such as Silog, Pares and many more.

The inspiration revolved around the CEO & Owner, Mr. Edward Dela Cruz’s, liking to goto as he visited famous goto stores in Bulacan during his childhood. Gotobox’s architecture is heavily inspired with the shipping container industrial concept. Dela Cruz’s vision is to establish Gotobox as a household name in all areas of the Philippines. As of now, Gotobox is continuously expanding throughout the Greater Manila Area and soon to its neighboring cities and provinces.