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Our Gotobox bestseller! Binabalik-balikan dahil sa sarap ng aming original special goto creations.

Klasik Goto

Pinoy comfort food like your nanay and lola used to make. Siguradong busog ka sa sarap!


The OG Filipino all-day breakfast favorites! Yummy Pinoy toppings served with garlic fried rice, fried egg,atchara and talong chips.


Our Version of the facmous saucy braised sliced beef paired with either garlic fried rice or mami noodle soup. A delish hunger-buster!

Dessert & Drinks

Sweet endings to complete your satisfiying Gotobox meals.

Cool refreshments that quench your thirst and go very well with your Gotobox food choices.


Yummy side dishes that go well with any of your favorite Gotobox meals.

Bundle Meals

Choose any meal combination and get a taste of the full Gotobox experience!


Sizzling goodness of our choice meals served on a hot metal plate.

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